Did you know that both Government and recruitment agencies both want you to have a job? I mean really, really, REALLY want you to have a job!

Governments: The touchy-feely reason is that they want you to have good self-esteem and be happy. The ruthless reason is because people with jobs pay taxes, don’t collect benefits, and are less likely to cause social problems. Maybe the truth lies somewhere between the two?

Recruiters: Because when they get someone a job, they earn a placement fee. Some recruiters won’t help early career job seekers because its still lots of work and the success fee is too small. They’re the ruthless ones. But, if you make a recruiter’s job easy, some will still help you. A recruiter told me that he sometimes placed entry level positions for free just to keep himself on his client’s radar. And then there’s the recruiter who remembers being young and how hard it can be to get a start.

As you’ll learn as we progress through this series, the hiring managers, recruiters and organizations you’ll come in contact with when you’re looking for your first career job reflect both the good and bad in society. The good news is that both government and recruiters have fantastic online employment research resources these days. They want you to use these so it takes less effort for them to help you one-on-one. Make sure you use them! Here’s some to start with.

https://careerplanner.com Under the Jobs & Job descriptions tab, there’s a list of over 12,000 job titles and descriptions.
https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/job-descriptionsA–Z of job descriptions that are close to what you might see in an advertised position.
https://onetonline.orgo-net online not only provides you with job descriptions, it also has functionality for you to search by skill set.
https://resources.workable.com/job-descriptionsWorkable is a recruitment software company. It lists hundreds of job descriptions that employers then customize to their requirements. Other Applicant Tracking System (ATS) businesses have similar resources, but they mostly only make them available to paying customers.
https://recruitingbrief.com/job-descriptions As for Workable.com.

Now to today’s episode. Alex starts the background research for her job. She discovers that for the profession she wants to work in, marketing, there’s jobs in lots of different industries. When she typed “marketer” into the workable.com search bar, tens of marketing job descriptions came up.

Watch the next video and you’ll see her continue her research. This time using google.

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