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Start your information interview request email with how you found their name, a bit about you, and what you hope to gain from the interview.


In another post I talked about what an informational interview is. In this post I show you how to write an information interview request email.

You should send your invitation via email or LinkedIn. A local coffee house close to their work is a good choice of venue, but otherwise at their office (offer to bring them a coffee), telephone, or video. Be sure to tell them that you value their time and would take no more than 20 minutes for a phone interview or ½ hour for a café chat. That’s a chunk of time that most people are happy to give away. 

Information interview request template

Here’s an example of what your interview request email could look like…

Subject: [Your name]—information interview request

Dear [their name]

I was speaking to [someone] from [someplace]. OR I saw you speak at [some event]. OR in a recent LinkedIn search your profile came to my attention. 

I’m a final year [profession] student at [college name]. I am considering a career in [interviewee’s field]. I am trying to understand what it might be like to work in a [role] and also if there are any gaps in my training that I should be filling. I’m wondering if you would be able to meet with me to give me some industry insights.

I expect our meeting should take no more than 20-30 minutes of your time (depending on venue). If you have some time to spare in the next few weeks, I could meet you for coffee, perhaps at [a good local café that you’ve picked out]. Otherwise, I could stop by your office for a quick discussion. A phone call would work, too. I appreciate any time that you can share with me.

I promise, I am simply collecting insider information. This isn’t an unsubtle attempt to market myself for a job. 

My best times are [eg. Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and any time Friday]

I’d be grateful if you could help me out with this. 


[Your name], email, LinkedIn, cell phone

That’s it. Your information interview request email done!

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